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There has been no disputes about the necessity of development, whether be an organization from the educational or business sector. Beside a number of crucial elements, engagement of all stakeholders, leaders and employees alike, is a determinative prerequisite of success. While companies are paying more and more attention on their employees’ commitment and engagement in the contemporary world of work, less attention has been paid on the world of education in the same context.
Having realized this fact, the current project aims to provide a practical tool for school leaders as primary target group, in order to help them become aware of the main mechanisms of engagement. By using the tool, a clear picture of the current engagement status of their organizations’ at employee level will be received, initially. The tool will also cover a methodology and action plan, the implementation of which will likely increase the level of engagement on both personal and organizational level. Individuals will be empowered via regular practical help to be able to actively influence their own engagement level.

The project aims to involve approximately 600 participants of different backgrounds in four partner countries (Germany, Hungary, Poland, UK), among them school leaders, teachers, decision makers, HR-specialists, as well as company leaders.
To achieve the objectives of the project, initially, a foundation study will be produced summarizing relevant literature on engagement an online questionnaire will be developed according to the latest leadership knowledge and practice.
As respondents of the questionnaire, educational professionals will be involved, and based on the results, action planning workshops will be arranged for them. These events will result in actionable conclusions, serving as guidelines of development for organizations. The methodology and process of these workshops will also be disseminated.


The main aim of that project is to create a toolkit based on measuring staff engagement for organisational development purposes, together with providing individual feedback and tips for supporting personal development.

horizontal: strengthening the recruitment, selection and induction of educators

school education: strengthening the profile(s) of the teaching profession

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Participating organisations

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Euro-Trainings-Centre ETC e. V., Germany  

EDUNET Alapítvány, Hungary:                   

Partner Organisations:

Connect Media Ltd., Hungary:                   

Train'd Up Railway Resourcing Limited, United Kingdom:             

Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland: 

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project funding


Erasmus+ is a project of the European Union supporting education, training, youth affairs and sport. Within this frame, the Engagement & Beyoind project has been launched.

Goal of the project is to develop a set of tools enabling measurement and enhancement of engagement of organizations’ staff. Four countries, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and the leader of the project, Hungary, are the participating members.

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This project is funded by the European Union (2017-1-HU01-KA201-035998).